Monday, March 24, 2008


On Easter, we had our normal wonderful Sunday service and a delicious Easter meal. There was brown sugar ham, potato casserole, deviled eggs and much more! After our fellowship meal we all left for home, just to meet at the park later at three! It was a beautiful day! First we flew kites, then started a soccer game! We got to do play a little before... dinner! We had a few sandwich rings, chips, brownies, cupcakes, and fresh strawberries! If was so much fun! Next we went to finish our game of soccer, although no one won, it was still a blast! Then we rode our friends rip-stick; it's like a skate board, except you ripple to keep moving instead of pushing with your feet. After this we played on the playground. Next we played a game called boche ball! Soon after that we had to leave but the three families left came to our house! We had some pizza and played outside till dark. Then we came inside to play Fax Machine until they had to leave. All together we had a wonderful day!

Sorry that I haven't posted guys! I forgot to ask my mother to check this two weeks ago! I really didn't want to keep posting the verse of the week so I waited, thanks for waiting so long!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Wow, so supposedly you have to be at a High School reading level to understand the content of my blog, do you agree?