Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Tag!

My kind sister Allison had generously tagged me so here I go.
List six non-important things/quirks/habits about yourself:

1) I have naturally curly hair.

2) I think it would be nice to learn how to play the harp and can play twinkle-twinkle little star on my moms violin.

3) I HATE fish and can’t stand most other seafood.

4) I’ve had a pallet retainer and broke it three or four times.

5) I like all shades of purple and most blues

6) I once climbed on our neighbors roof and was playing with the power lines.

I tag Kristen please link back to the person who tagged you and tag 1-3 other people.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I love clay so for my birthday I received a set of 30 clay blocks, which I greatly adore! I prefer to do flowers but I have also done other things like horses, a bear, a duck, and little dog toys and others to glue on picture frames. Here are a few flowers I put together…

This was the first flower/flowers I did. So it was kinda my practice flower but it was still came out great!
This it my basket of Flowers. (sorry its so blurry)

This is my rose so far its the best flower I ever did. I started making a normal flower and it came out as a beautiful rose!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Birthday

This is a summary of my birthday!

This year I chose to have a ‘Things Katie Likes’ day. This is where each family member chooses one of their favorite activities to do with me. It’s all a surprise to me! Some of the activities involve the whole family, while others you do with just that person. We were going to go for a walk in the park, but due to rain we went out for ice cream instead the night before. After breakfast the morning of my birthday we listened to “What to Expect from a Twelve Year Old” by Vision Forum. It was very interesting to find out all these boys who were able to go to universities by the age of twelve! Following this was presents! I got a set of 30 clay blocks, 2 sets of acrylic stamps, (which are clear stamps you stick on acrylic blocks) about every size acrylic blocks I’ll every need, and 28 stamps pads! Next was stamping with Allison! I couldn’t wait to try out all my stamps and pads. My dad took me and our dog to the vet next and I found out my dog had ear mites! When we got home we had grilled cheese for lunch, then my sister and I went shopping with mom. We got to go to Hobby Lobby where I got a picture frame and a card & envelope template kit. We also went to Quaker Town, a fabric store. Then we went home and had some of my favorite foods for dinner. The special meal consisted of BBQ ribs, potato casserole and peas. Then I played clay with my younger brothers. Cake was next! I had a purple butterfly and pink flower cake. And last but not least, we played a family game which was my older brother’s activity. That’s the summary of my birthday!

Monday, February 4, 2008


I have been playing around with the camera that my sister gave me, so here are some of them.
One of GOD'S beautiful creations
Dakota doing his favorite thing chewing on sticks
Dakota standing looking funny "WOOF, WOOF"! Dakota in my brother's play house
Being Lazy :)
This is a flower I found outside in our front yard
Our Asian Grapefruit trees


  1. Are you a Christian? Yes
  2. If the above answer was yes, how old were you when you became a Christian? 11 FAVORITES
  3. What is your favorite Bible verse? Isaiah 43:8
  4. What is your favorite Bible book? Psalms
  5. Who is your favorite Old Testament character? Esther
  6. Who (with the exception of Jesus) is your favorite New Testament character? Mary Jesus’ mother
  7. What is your favorite book or series? Life of faith
  8. Favorite movie-Chronicles of Narnia
  9. Favorite music-Worship
  10. Favorite song- Psalm 40
  11. Favorite food-Homemade Chicken Pot Pie or Ribs
  12. Favorite subject in school-Science
  13. Favorite trip you’ve taken-East Coast Trip LEAST FAVORITES
  14. Least favorite book-Don’t Know
  15. Least favorite movie- Don’t Know
  16. Least favorite song-We are one tonight
  17. Least favorite food-Fish

  1. Where are you reading in the Bible right now? Psalms
  2. Are you trying to memorize any portion of the Bible right now? Weekly memory verse
  3. If the above answer was yes, what is the reference to the portion you are memorizing?
  4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
  5. Are you allergic to anything? If so, what? NO (Hallelujah)
  6. Do you play any instruments? What? Piano and Clarinet
  7. Do you know how to cook? Do you like to? Yes
  8. Do you like to help people? Yes
  9. Do you like children? Yes
  10. Do you babysit? Yes
  11. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Night Owl
  12. Are you organized? Not really
  13. Do you like to read? Yes
  14. Do you consider yourself creative? Yes
  15. Are you fun to be around? Yes
  16. Do you play any sports? If so, what? Tennis (Sometimes) and CUP STACKING!
  17. Do you write letters? Yes
  18. Do you email? Sometimes (My sister)
  19. Without looking at the time, what time do you think it is? 2:23
  20. Now what time is it really? 2:25
  21. What’s the most recent song you’ve had stuck in your head? Don’t Remember
  22. What’s the most recent trip you’ve taken? East Coast Trip
  23. Ever been out of the U.S.A.? Yes Mexico (On accident)
  24. Are you homeschooled? Yes
  25. If so, have you always been? Yes
  26. How long did it take you to complete this tag? 20 minutes
If you want to do the tag go to to find out how.

Thanksgiving Sunday Fun!

On Sunday, November 18 we had a Thanksgiving celebration at our church. A couple of the families, including us, dressed up like pilgrims. Our dad said we were the Bradford family. During this time some of the men from our church read to us about the pilgrims. The kids also got to write down some of their blessings on banners our family made titled Thanksgiving Blessings. Just around this time we also celebrate OCC—Operation Christmas Child—where you pack a shoe box for a needy child in the age categories of 2-4, 5-9 or 10-14. We ended up with around 20 boxes. We prayed for our boxes and hoped that the kids who got them would become believers in Christ Jesus. We also had a potluck, as is the custom every Sunday, except this time each family brought a Thanksgiving side and we made two 20 pound turkeys. It was delicious, and we had a ton of food! We took lots of picture and had tons of FUN! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.

My Golden Retriever

This is my 20 month old Golden Retriever Dakota.
Look at that Face!

East Coast Trip, Coloial Willamburg

My family went on East Coast Trip in September. My favorite part about our trip is when we went to Colonial Williamsburg. There was so much to see and do, either on foot or in a horse drawn carriage. We got to see many of the shops and how they functioned during the period. We were able to see the wig maker where we found out that a normal wig cost 2 ½ pounds, enough to buy half an acre of land! A normal lady’s wig had hair that, if you let out, would reach the ground. There was also the printing shop where we saw a book binding and printing. They were saying that all the gold you see on old books was hand crafted. It was remarkable to see how they did it in at that time. My favorite shop was the silversmith were I was shocked to find out that a small piece of silver is more than enough to make a ladle. The apothecary, where we found out how they made medicine, was also very interesting. They told us that people didn’t always come to them because it was expensive. So instead they would find a recipe in a cook book or the doctor would give them something. It was wonderful to see the shoemaker. There were tons of shoes and boots hanging up. We learned that it would take about a half a day to complete a pair of shoes. We went to the cabinet maker, who made all the furniture. I was amazed to see how they crafted the beautiful pieces of furniture. They even had a harpsichord there. (A harpsichord is an instrument like a piano.)

We got to go and learn how to dance, which was so much fun! The dance we learned was done at balls and weddings so that the couples could meet other couples. You would stand in a line across from your partner. You and another couple would join hands and turn one way and then the other. Then you joined hands with the person diagonal from you, turn one way and then the other. After that you and your partner would go back to back-that’s when you and your partner do a circle without looking at each other- then face each other so the girls would spin. Then you would face the person next to you hold hands and do a circle. Finally you would go back to back with the person next to you but instead of doing a whole circle you would do a half circle and end up with a new couple to meet.

We were able to tour some of the buildings like the Governor Palace, where they had over 400 weapons hanging in the house. I counted over 100 in the front hall. It was very interesting to see the inside the Capitol. It had a court room and prayer pillows. We went to the courthouse and watched a mock trial. Court was handled differently back in the late 1700’s. Raleigh Tavern was also an amazing place. We were able to tour the house then sit down and ask question about the war. At the jailer’s house, we found out that you were better off being a jailer then a normal person, because if you were a jailer you had a bigger house then most people. The jails were empty every 3 months (that’s when the court met) so that meant you had plenty of time with your family. They picked people with big families because if you had a large family the girls could help you cook food for the prisoners, and the boys could help keep an eye on them.

We also got to watch a Fife and Drum Core demonstration. The Fife and Drum Core marched and played, somewhat like a marching band! It was very interesting to see how the militia practiced for the war. They even shot a real cannon! I really liked Colonial Williamsburg.