Monday, December 29, 2008

Kindred Spirit Award

I never got around to it but I was graciously awarded by Vanessa from Maiden Of Purity.
Thank you very much Vanessa I am very honored!
All my Kindred Spirits have already received this award but that doesn't matter why can't they get it again!

Allison form Letter From Christ. My best friend and loving sister is one of my most Kindred Spirits. I am so happy that God gave me an older sister like her and I'm not sure what I would do without her. My older brother and I are always in her room (or recently my room) at night talking. Our relationships have grown so much over this time and it has been a wonderful experience.

Kristen from Everlasting Treasure. Kristen a newer Member of 4Homeschoolers has grown to be another one of my Kindred Spirits. And I am very happy that I can award her this award.

Moriah from Growing In His Amazing Grace. Moriah is another good friend and I am happy to be awarding this to her again.

And lastly

Jasmine from Joyfully Home. Although I know her very little I can tell by her post and love for God that we are Kindred Spirits in heart and am happy to award her this.