Monday, November 9, 2009

Most Beautiful Blog-Award


Callie has awarded me "The Most Beautiful Blog Award"
Thank you Callie!

NOTE: I have decide that I will, probably, not be posting anymore Reformation Dress pictures. Its taking to a lot of time, and I have not made it very far. I may endup post 3-4 eventually though.

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Yes I know its only one picture and you can't even really see the dress because I'm spinning! But I'm still in the process of editing all the pictures. Thus this will have to suffice for now.


-Photo by Allison

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a little 'Yes' can do...

So a friend, Caleb, calle.. er e-mailed me up Wednesday afternoon asking if I would be willing to make ONE maybe TWO hats for Reformation Sunday. Little did I know what would happen next... Later Caleb stopped by and dropped of the material and pattern. I immediately got to work. Later I told him I would be able to do both hat, and knowing him he was very happy!

Then guess what?

My sister and I came up with this great idea! The elders needed hats! Unfortunately I told Allison that I only had enough fabric left for 1 or 2 more hats, but that would have to do, and it did. So Pastor Head, the narrator for the Reformation play, got a hat and dad got a hat! Perfect! And so about this time you would think I've gotten really good at making hats right?

Now to continue... Mrs. Head, who was sewing Luke's costume wasn't feeling great and needed some help. Thus after a time I found out that I would be sewing a clergy robe.

Now lets review I made 4 hats, am now sewing a clergy robe and it was Thursday afternoon! When I received the fabric and pattern everything was neatly cut, labeled and marked. I quickly finished the last few things on that hats and got to work on the robe. Fortunately it didn't take long and I had it done, except sewing on the snaps, by that night.

My Mom loved the hats so much that she wanted me to make my little brother, Seth, to go with his costume. (which is really just a robey thingy) I said I would gladly agree but first I needed fabric. So they got me fabric. After cutting out Seth's hat I had enough fabric left for two more hats. Which was great! The only problem was that it was Friday night I needed to make 3 hats, and finish my own dress!

I had planned on going to a conference Saturday afternoon. That was quickly changed. Instead I would stay home and sew 3 hats, my own dress, make pizza for dinner, and help my mom watch my little brothers. It should work, and it did! I'm very glad I did it! It was fun and an enjoyable week!

As one more review, From Wednesday afternoon-Saturday afternoon I made 7 hats, finished a clergy robe, did the last minute details on my own reformation dress, and made a stuffed decorative pumpkin for my mom. (did I forget to mention that?) I would call that a productive week, wouldn't you?