Monday, January 26, 2009

Quick Update

Here's a quick update on why I haven't posted lately. I also wanted to thank everyone who's voted on my poll. I didn't even know 9 people visited my blog. (one of which was me of course :) )

Unfortunately it hit me! I got sick, not fun. So for a few days I was not up to posting; when I was feeling better I had a lot of school that started piling up as well. Currently, my list of things to do has started piling up too. Here are just a few things I am working on.

Projects: Sewing
On my "To Do" list I have a few purses for some girls whose birthdays are coming up, as well as finishing my mother's Christmas oven mitts and a few basic patches on some of my daddy's shorts.

It seems that everyone's Birthdays are at the same time! I have on my calendar 3 in January (one of which was my little brothers), 4 in February (one just happens to be mine) and a whopping 7 birthdays in March! Three of which are in my family and extended family.
I hope to get into regular posting habits soon; but it may not happen til April. I do have a few posts I'm preparing though.

God Bless,

Friday, January 16, 2009

Gone Green!

Hey guys! As you can see I after over a year I changed my blog to Green. The whole thing was done by Caleb from Ember-Island. Thanks Caleb for your help!
Please vote on the pole and/or leave a comment and tell me how you like it.