Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated Birthday

This year really did fly. My 14th birthday wasn't too long ago.
It all began with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Mom and Dad. I fell in love... with buttermilk pecan pancakes that is. So yummy! And their little syrup bottles turned out to be very handy.

Once we arrived home we, well, didn't do much. Later we headed downtown to a park for a picnic.A very small park for a very cold picnic on a bench. Then we tried what was supposed to be a really big and great fabric store. Imagine a giant store with pretty, bright, just filled with isles of fabric and a whole wall of ribbon.

Unfortunately it wasn't like that. It was big and did have a whole wall of ribbon, but it was dark, dingy and as Allison, Luke and I thought about it later seemed more like a thrift store. I still prefer Jo-ann and Hobby Lobby.
So we headed over to Ikea to pick up some storage boxes for my room, it would have been much nicer if I wasn't so tired. Fortunately I got to sleep in the car on the way home.

Once home I tried getting my room somewhat more organized. Then my new bedspread came in! I was absolutely thrilled.
Not too long after that we ate a delicious dinner and then I opened presents, which consisted of: several necklaces and earrings, bobbins, a new watch and some different size embroidery hoops for my sewing machine. And from friends I received: a small needle book, pillow case kit, gift card, purple pin magnet, royalty cuter and scissor sharpener.  

It was then that we decided to run to Hobby Lobby to look into some canvas panels to make a bulletin   board for my room. It looks great too! Then we decided we'd better run by Hancock to get some fabric to go on the bulletin board and then we decided to try Jo-anns too. So finally we got home around 9 o'clock for cake, which was very yummy.

It was a fun long birthday, although next year I think I'd rather stay home. ;)