Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Do Hard Things Summer!

This Summer I decided I wanted to do a hard thing x100. That's right 100 hard things, but since the summers I third gone I decided to do 50 hard things this summer. I'll post them here, probably once a week or so until I reach 50 or surpass it!
Lets get stared:
1) Successfully listed 1 item per day on Etsy for 6 days!
2) Began to run again and loved it!
3) Sewed 3 new Diaper bag all are the same style. I'll be listing them next week

That all I can think of at the moment, though I know there are a few more.
Blessings all,



Lindsay said...

Great job, Katie! It sounds like
you're being really productive. :)

Homeschool Cowgirl said...


veronica elise said...

Nice idea!! I haven't exactly done many hard things, but I have tried to keep myself from sitting around lazily. It is really easy to be unproductive in the summer! :)